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Welcome to your exclusive concierge club

A luxury concierge membership, reimagined for the digital age

Where luxury meets the digital age, Drunken Monkey Members’ Club is the first exclusive concierge network that is accessed exclusively through ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
From luxury yacht chartering to upscale dining reservations, your Drunken Monkey NFT is your key to a world of luxury and exclusivity. Minted on Ethereum, our digital assets are represented by a series of 5,995 playful Monkey illustrations, with each NFT representing one real-life concierge membership.
As a decentralised digital asset, every NFT comes with an immutable record of ownership, giving each holder the security and freedom to utilise, collect, or even sell their membership on the secondary market – when and wherever they like.

Find more time to enjoy the things you love

Time-saving Specialists

Our lifestyle and relationship managers strive to  make your life as convenient and streamlined as possible.

Unrivalled local knowledge

Whether it’s knowing the best secret bars and speakeasies, or having meaningful relationships with the city’s most respected business people, we know the ins and outs of every destination in our network.

Access the Inaccessible
Enjoy exclusive privileges and access to some of the most sought-after events in the luxury sector, whether it’s tickets to sold-out venues or gaining access to invite-only networking events.
Personalised Service
We work for you. Whether it’s knowing your favourite dining spots or catering to your unique schedule and lifestyle, we cater to your needs as an individual.
Memorable experiences
DMMC is a lifestyle that brings incredible experiences that create stories to last a lifetime.
And so much more
This is the tip of the iceberg – beneath the water is an entire ecosystem of experience, luxury and investment opportunities that you will not find with a traditional concierge network.

Membership Benefits:

20 global destinations at your fingertips

Where experience meets ownership

When you join the DMMC network, you are the sole owner of your concierge membership. Gone are the days of hefty renewal fees and administrative headaches – a DMMC membership is yours for life, no questions asked.
Exclusivity is at our core: there are only 5,995 NFTs in our collection, corresponding to 5,995 unique memberships. To maintain exclusivity, this number will never change. With this in mind, we aim to deliver exceptional services and benefits to every member across twenty of the world’s most sought after destinations, from major capitals like London, Dubai and Paris, to more intimate getaways such as Portofino and Formentera.

Exclusive Discounts

Experience the highest level of hospitality whilst gaining amazing discounts across a selection of our partners.

Why NFTs?

We chose NFTs because we believe in transparent ownership. Your DMMC membership truly belongs to YOU.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind digital token that lives on a blockchain. It cannot be copied or subdivided, and it certifies ownership and authenticity.

Every Drunken Monkey NFT proves you are a verified member. Nobody can challenge this: once the NFT is minted, the data is recorded on an immutable, publicly-verifiable blockchain (Ethereum, in our case).

In addition, launching on a blockchain means that our network is owned exclusively by the community. This means we can make adjustments and accommodation based on what you, the community, want to see more of.

Travel and Hotels

Boutique hotels, romantic boltholes and exciting eco retreats for the ultimate getaway, whether you’re looking for sustainable staycations, inspiring city breaks or fly-and-flop long-haul escapes.


Your personalised and curated guide to culture in worldwide capitals, including the best art galleries, music venues, auction houses, theatres and museum exhibitions.

Consultancy and Advisory Services

Your concierge membership will open up a world of possibilities from within the digital asset space, allowing you to leverage the knowledge and expertise of our experienced consultants.


Welcome to our exclusive concierge club

Our memberships grants you access to our exclusive members club which provides concierge services across three continents.

Our Partners

Join the club

Enjoy a world of unparalleled and luxurious lifestyle in the most desirable destinations.
Access to the members-only concierge services is exclusive to owners of our limited-edition NFTs.

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