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Sept 10 2023

Important Update: We’re Migrating our NFTs to Protect Royalties

To ensure the longevity of Drunken Monkey Members Club, we are migrating our NFTs to a new smart contract. Here’s what you need to do and why.

Sept 8 2023

Join us at Zebu Live 2023, London’s biggest Web3 event

We are returning to Zebu Live for a second consecutive year, and we can’t wait to see you there. One of our many highlights from last year was exhibiting at Zebu Live — a fantastic Web3 event

Aug 21 2023

Our Unmatched Luxury Hotel Experience: Elevate Your Stay with Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey members can now access a host of new perks at some of the best 5* hotels in the world. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping into a luxury hotel and knowing that every detail of your stay will be taken care of.

June 23 2023

Cheers to a New Partnership: Drunken Monkey teams up with Myna!

It’s been a busy year in the world of Drunken Monkey, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with Myna, a leading accounting and advisory firm for crypto companies and individuals.

April 21 2023

NUTS, the secure way to utilise concierge services. Here’s how you can use it to your advantage

NUTS is a unique NFT that can be staked as collateral for concierge bookings, but the utility doesn’t stop there with the Monkey DAO waiting in the wings.

Jan 1 2023

NUTS: Your concierge membership just got even better

As part of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway, a few lucky holders will have received a special something in their wallets this evening… and we can now reveal exactly what it is.

Dec 13 2022

How we’ve increased our floor price by 600% this year

It’s no secret… just look at our utility.
I don’t need to tell you this, but we are in the thick of a nasty bear market. While bear markets are a healthy and normal part of any market cycle, they certainly aren’t the most enjoyable in terms of market sentiment.

Nov 9 2022

Our key takeaways from NFT.London

It may have a been cold and rainy day in Westminster, but the sentiment inside the Queen Elizabeth II Centre was anything but damp. It’s been eight months since we launched, and in those short few months, we’ve achieved more than what we thought would be possible in a bear market. Our floor price has increased month-on-month

Sept 14 2022

Meet the Monkeys: Christopher Moynes, The Strategic Monkey

Chris is a Director of SycoLabs and Gavin’s right-hand man.
A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Gavin Berry, our Founding Monkey. Today, we spoke with our Strategic Monkey, Christopher Moynes. Chris’s role within the DMMC ecosystem is broad: as one of the Directors of Main co SycoLabs...

Sept 8 2022

Wallet Guard: why we’re advising every NFT holder to get this extension

Cyber safety can be daunting when it comes to crypto, but there are some simple tools out there that can help keep you out of trouble, such as Wallet Guard. Blockchain can at times be a double edged sword. While decentralisation gives us freedom from centralised regulatory bodies such as banks...

Sept 5 2022

8 apps and sites that everyone interested in Web3 should have

From Metamask to, there are some fantastic websites and apps out there designed to serve both beginners and crypto experts. The world of Web3 can at times be daunting. With scams, sophisticated phishing sites and other cyber threats rife...

Aug 31 2022

Meet the Monkeys: Gavin Berry, The Founding Monkey

The Monkeys would still be in captivity if it wasn’t for Gavin. — In this series, we’ll be introducing you to the Drunken Monkey team. Naturally, it’s only right that we start with our Founding Monkey, Gavin Berry. Gavin is the mastermind behind the DMMC concept and network, and when he’s not at work (a rare occasion…)...

Aug 27 2022

Exclusivity: Our new minting schedule means that Drunken Monkey will be more exclusive than ever. Here’s how

We’ve made some important changes to our minting schedule to ensure that exclusivity and scalability are tightly controlled, while investors profitability is left to run wild...

Aug 12 2022

5 reasons why concierge services are worth it

In general, a concierge performs a range of time-saving, life-improving tasks such as booking venues, organizing events, obtaining access to exclusive events and clubs within the network, and more. The industry is steadily on the rise, and it’s one that’s rapidly changing...

Aug 10 2022

The UK is set to become a “global crypto hub” as the Law Commission proposes reform

The proposed reforms would give crypto owners greater protection, particularly when it comes to taking legal action against scams and hacks...

Aug 2 2022

Everything you need to know about our tier system

In our last two articles, we touched on the topics of utility and what our utility means to us. If the thought of accessing exclusive services and events on the islands of Mykonos, Ibiza and beyond has tickled your fancy and you feel ready to dive a little deeper into the exclusive world of Drunken Monkey, here’s a breakdown of our tier utility system...

Jul 28 2022

NFT Utility: What it means to be a utility-first NFT project

In the NFT space, the word ‘utility’ is thrown around so much that it’s almost lost its meaning. Whether it’s real estate, fine art or even sport, there are thousands of NFT projects across various blockchains offering real-world utility that doesn’t have any actual real life value...

Jul 26 2022

The concierge industry is changing for the better, here’s how

As we wade through the current post-Covid, Ukraine war economy, the cost of living is going up and up. The modern worker packs in as many hours as a medieval peasant once did (around 1,700 per year), leaving us with less and less time for leisure and recreation...

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